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About this project

In a strategic move to enhance its operational capabilities and elevate the quality of pet care, PowisVets Veterinary Practice, Stourbridge, West Midlands recently completed a major refurbishment project in collaboration with leading construction company Gravitas Build Ltd.

Project details

The project, overseen by Ian Booth, Operations Manager at Gravitas Build, included a wide range of bespoke fitted furniture from David Bailey Furniture, as part of a contract aimed to transform the former premises of a KFC and Halfords into a modern and efficient veterinary facility.

Integral to the success of this project was the meticulous integration of bespoke fitted furniture solutions from industry leader David Bailey Furniture, who provided a wide range of storage solutions for an equally wide range of spaces, from consultation rooms to laboratories, using strategic design and craftsmanship to revolutionise the look and aesthetics of the veterinary practice infrastructure.

In total, David Bailey Furniture Systems breathed new life into several key areas within the PowisVets Veterinary Practice facility. These included consultancy, preparation, kit, x-ray and ultrasound rooms, a dental theatre, pharmacy, cat and dog wards and laboratories.

The journey began in January 2023, as the transformation of the former retail space commenced, with the goal to relocate PowisVets Veterinary Practice into a spacious and modern environment.

David Bailey Furniture Systems provided a comprehensive range of meticulously crafted fitted units to meet the future needs of the practice at its new home. Gordon Terry, project site manager for Gravitas, commented: “This was a 21-week project which involved all trades working to a tight schedule. David Bailey Furniture supplied and fitted everything we needed to complete this contract on time and within budget.”

The completion of the PowisVets Veterinary Practice refurbishment stands as a remarkable achievement in the realm of veterinary care infrastructure. Through collaborative efforts led by Gravitas Build Ltd, the facility has undergone a profound transformation, setting a new standard for operational efficiency and animal patient care.

The synergy between architectural innovation and David Bailey Furniture Systems’ bespoke solutions has manifested into a space that not only reflects excellence but also underscores the strategic vision of PowisVets.

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